Windows 7 actually gaining market share

So much for Windows 10 replacing all other versions. Last month, the somewhat-soon-to-be outdated version of Microsoft’s operating system gained user share. 

This information comes from ComputerWorld via Net Applications, which tracks which operating systems users are logging into sites from. Windows 7 was already used by more than half of all Windows devices (52.8%). And its user share among all operating systems climbed to 48.4%, the highest share since June of last year.

As businesses are looking to move on from Windows 7, in other words, consumers are using it at a higher rate than they have been since last summer.

End of free upgrades hurting?

One reason that Windows 7 is making small gains and mostly staying level? Windows 10, which was a free upgrade for a while, now is no longer free.

While it was a free upgrade, it was a pretty low-risk proposition. Users could get on a new version of the operating system without having to shell out any additional money.

But asking them to pay for improved features while the system they’re used to is working just fine won’t be an easy sell.

Numbers will come down … a little

At some point, more users will make the switch. By the time Windows 7 approaches end of life, many of the machines running it now will have perished of natural causes. And options for replacements may be limited to Windows 10 devices or other operating systems by that point.

But in the meantime, just make sure your upgrade plans are more proactive than the typical user’s. Set a good example by warning them of security risks an unsupported browser may expose them to, and avoid a repeat of Windows XP where many companies weren’t ready to upgrade by the time the deadline came and went.

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