What’s in your Windows 10 update? Answers could be coming

Microsoft’s shift away from updates released once a month to automatic updates for Windows 10 has won some in IT over. It’s also caused some headaches, though. Fortunately, we could soon be seeing a solution to one of the biggest drawbacks. 

In addition to patches that were buggy, one of the biggest complaints from IT was the lack of information coming out of Microsoft on what its updates would do.

But a recent press briefing with a company VP has changed some of that for the better. According to Jim Alkove, Microsoft will start offering limited release notes to its Enterprise customers.

2 caveats

Of course, it can’t be that simple with Microsoft. Two catches are:

  1. It’s not clear whether every update will be accompanied by release notes, and
  2. There’s no indication of whether these updates will provide any details beyond the most basic information.

That, of course, isn’t ideal. Anyone who has installed an update only to have something seemingly unrelated stop working knows how important detailed patch notes can be.

And that Microsoft doesn’t seem to feel these notes are important anymore shows a bit of a disconnect with its IT counterparts.

Adoption rate soars

Not that that’s slowing down IT from getting on board. The new OS had 1.5 million users in its first month, which is a much faster adoption rate than previous versions.

For those who value regular updates over once-a-month releases, the less-than-forthcoming approach may be something you can live with. Others would likely prefer to know what the updates do before getting them.

Either way, business IT users may want to keep a close eye on others who report problems and opt for a slower ring of the update cycle Windows 10 offers.

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