What keeps you up at night?

As companies continue to deal with budget issues and other problems, what are IT managers most concerned about?

The answer: security, according to recent research from tech staffing firm Robert Half Technology. When asked to name the primary worry keeping them up at night, 1,400 IT pros answered:

  1. Security and data protection (25%)
  2. Hardware and software upgrades (13%)
  3. Heavy workloads (10%)
  4. Budget problems (10%)
  5. Keeping pace with new technologies (9%)

One issue that affects several of those problems: staffing difficulties. Nearly two-thirds of the IT pros surveyed say understaffing has negatively impacted their ability to implement new technology and stay on top of upgrades.

Having fewer IT employees also hurts companies’ ability to combat security threats and, of course, increases the workloads of the IT pros that are employed.

As bad as staffing problems are now, they could get worse soon — in another Robert Half survey, 40% of IT employees said they are considering leaving their current employer once more opportunities become available.

To fight those retention problems, Robert Half recommends:

  1. Increasing training opportunities for staffers, especially involving new and emerging technologies, and
  2. Offering new challenges to employees who may be bored with their current routine.

What about your company? What are the top challenges your IT department is facing? Let us now by leaving a comment.