Warning: ‘Urgent Microsoft Update’ may be a virus

You may want to tell your users to consult IT before they agree to install updates on their machines.

There’s a new piece of malware making the rounds that disguises itself as a Microsoft Update pop-up.

The virus only affects machines running Mozilla’s Firefox browser, according to security vendor Sophos. When a compromised site is visited, a pop-up window opens telling users that their Windows updates are ready to install.

The pop-up is an exact replica of the real Microsoft Update window — except when users click “install updates,” their machines are infected with the virus.

Warn users to be careful when update notifications pop up on their machines. The strategy of getting users to think they’re installing a legitimate software update is becoming more popular with hackers.

And, as if the level of detail included in the fake Microsoft update screen is any indication, hackers are getting better at it, too.

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