The top benefits of VoIP for small businesses

Services such as voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems can give small businesses and startup companies access to functions that used to be reserved for larger enterprises. In this guest post, Lewis Edward of The Office Providers describes the major benefits of those systems


One huge obstacle that many new startups run into is the lack of credibility often associated with young and small companies. However, items such as offices, equipment like computers telephones, and salary on reception staff or assistants can often be too expensive for small start-up companies.

But today, big advances in technology have made it easier than ever to not only make small companies appear much larger to potential clients and business contacts — and save money in the process. Many small businesses are seeing great benefits and cost savings from VoIP services and virtual offices and business centers.

Benefits of VoIP for small companies

Companies offering VoIP services will set up a telephone system for a business, with either a local or a toll-free telephone number, to provide the same service as traditional telephone systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A few of the biggest benefits of VoIP systems for small companies are:

  • Price Savings – When giving customers and associates your cellphone number won’t do, and when getting an expensive professional phone system is not economical, VoIP offers you the ability to give a more professional feel to your business while still staying within your young company’s budget.
  • Give Your Firm a Larger Appearance – Your VoIP system can be as simple or as intricate as you want. You have the option to let callers choose from a number of different departments or branches of your business with the ability to make all calls route directly to you if you’d prefer.
  • Automation — A VoIP system can be set up to automatically route calls to different numbers, including cell phones, eliminating the need for all employees to work in the same physical office.

Virtual offices and business centers

Beyond VoIP systems, virtual offices and business centers can be an option for small businesses transitioning out of a home-based office into a more professional location. Virtual offices provide many of the appearance benefits of having a physical office while saving your company large amounts during its initial growth. Often virtual offices are bundled with VoIP services, and some providers also offer outsourced receptionists to answer calls in your company’s name.

These services can also provide a physical address with staff who will receive mail and packages for you (and then scan or forward them to you as requested). The majority of virtual offices and business centers will have conferences rooms and offices that you can rent hourly, daily. or sometimes monthly. Some of the primary advantages of using a virtual office:

  • Flexibility – While renting your own personal office space has many advantages, often times you are paying for space you do not need, especially if many of your meetings with clients and suppliers are at their homes or offices. Virtual office providers can give the administrative support you would receive in your own office (for a fraction of the price) and also give you somewhere to meet with business associates on an as-needed basis.
  • Prominent Physical Address – Most of the companies renting virtual offices are located in large, distinguished buildings in big cities around the world. Whether you live in a large city and want to rent an address in a prominent location in your town, or want to set up your office half-way around the world, virtual offices give you that opportunity.

It is becoming more affordable than ever for small businesses to make themselves look larger, and in turn boost credibility and trust among clients and business associates. With phone options such as VoIP services, and full-service opportunities like virtual offices and business centers, entrepreneurs are finding it much easier to grow their business – both in appearance and then in reality – than they have in the past.

About the author: As the co-owner of The Office Providers, Lewis Edward has extensive knowledge on any kind of office space, including services offices, virtual offices and much more. Lewis loves sharing his insights in business on various online publications.