Video shows just how attackers commit CEO fraud

You might think your users would be savvy enough to spot a fake email from a scammer posing as a high-ranking company official. And maybe they do. But this video shows how even the best employees can be tricked by social engineering tactics. 

Barclays, a British financial institution, put out the videos to make it absolutely clear how users can get roped into an email scam. (It’s probably sick of dealing with the fallout from these attacks – CEO fraud is a billion dollar industry.)

These attacks rely on workers bypassing their first instincts or being too concerned with following orders to question whether a request is legitimate.

Make sure your users know better. Share this video, and give them hints for preventing fraud, such a picking up a phone to make sure a request actually came from the top and checking the “from” field in emails carefully, especially when it comes to requests for funds or information.

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