Vendors stepping up smartphone security

With more and more work being done on employees’ smartphones, it’s becoming even more critical for companies to protect that data when it goes mobile.

While security tools for smartphones have significantly lagged behind those for laptops, it appears vendors are starting to catch up.

Symantec’s Norton division announced a new set of tools, called Norton Everywhere for Apple and Google devices, along with tools for cloud computing. Among the tools soon to be released:

  • Norton Smartphone Security for Android, which will include malware protection and let users wipe text messages, block calls and analyze suspicious data downloads.
  • Norton DNS, an advanced tool for a variety of smartphones that will analyze the domain of incoming mail and visited sites to check it against a list of unreliable domain names and automatically block them.
  • Norton Everywhere, a tool that allows Android and iPhone users to access secure Symantec cloud computing resources by subscription.

Another major security vendor, Norton, is also getting in on the smartphone protection game. The company recently announced the beta release of Norton Smartphone Security, a tool for Android phones.

The application lets users remotely wipe lost or stolen phones, as well as schedule regular virus scans and block unwanted calls or text messages.