Using an iPhone more important to users than free coffee, vacation days

If your company doesn’t allow employees to bring in their devices to use for work, you’ve probably heard requests to start doing so. But how important to employees is getting to use their own iPhone?

Important enough that they’d give up other workplace perks, according to a recent survey by Kelton Research. Of the 500 employees surveyed, 71% said they’d trade something in return for being able to choose the mobile device they use for work (which would most often be an iPhone).

Here’s what people said they’d give up:

  1. 58% would be willing to give up free coffee
  2. 39% would forgo free food
  3. 30% would sacrifice free office supplies
  4. 26% would give up paid parking, and
  5. 20% would even trade one vacation day.

In addition to simply wanting to use a device of their choosing, more than half (56%) say it would also make them more productive.

But are those productivity and morale gains enough of a reason to take on the added security risks and support hassles? That will depend on your specific network infrastructure, and what type of data the employees in question need to carry around with them.

One thing’s for sure, though — the calls from users to begin using their iPhones or other personal gadgets won’t be ceasing any time soon.