Smartphone users want mobile security, but don’t do anything about it

Employees using your company’s mobile devices may be leaving those gadgets open to security and privacy breaches – but a little training could go a long way to fixing their behavior. 

That’s the message from a recent survey from London-based mobile security firm AdaptiveMobile. Among the 1,024 consumers polled from around the world, 69% adamantly believed that the leaking of personal data through mobile applications is unacceptable.

However, 75% admitted they don’t read terms and conditions when they install apps, meaning they don’t know how those applications access and use their personal information. For example, AdaptiveMobile points out that many popular apps such as the game Angry Birds share personal information, including name and GPS location.

In addition, 70% of respondents said they didn’t know how to properly configure their smartphone security.

What it means for IT: These results suggest that many mobile security problems are created not because mobile users don’t care about security and privacy, but because they don’t know the best ways to stay secure.

Offering training that teaches them how to protect both the company’s data and their own could go a long way toward boosting mobile security.