Users responsible for hundreds of account logins

How many passwords do you believe your users have to manage monthly? 20? 50?

Try 200.

According to LastPass – a freemium password management service – and its Password Expose report, users manage 191 passwords that are used 154 times a month.

That’s the equivalent of 36 minutes dedicated to logging into accounts.

Too many apps? There’s an app for that

The report looked over 30,000 LastPass customers and challenges the currently held belief that users manage, on average, close to 27 account passwords.

That’s because users have more than company-issued apps to worry about, using dozens of other work-related applications such as social media aggregates, marketing services, analytic programs and IT helpdesk platforms.

It doesn’t help that 50% of these services don’t use single sign-on technology – a method that only requires one login authentication to gain access to a network of accounts – which would alleviate some of the pressures put on users.

Since users have these accounts to get work done, businesses turn to password management services, which can come with a hefty price tag.

For example, password vaults are often employed so users can have better password protection habits.

LastPass has found that even if users start with a low number of accounts to look after, such as 20 logins, this number doubles after three months and only continues to grow from there.

So what can IT do to help keep those numbers manageable?

One long-term goal is a push to do away with passwords altogether, or to phase in multi-factored authentication.

Short-term, it may be easier to create a whitelist of approved apps.

Determine which apps users regularly need, then see about culling them or looking into why so many passwords are demanded of users.

What’s most important is that users are generating unique passwords for each login and not falling into the temptation of reusing easy passwords.

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