Users aren’t worried about mobile security, survey says

A new study shows users think their mobile devices are more secure than they likely really are. 

Despite taking very few security precautions, smartphone users are overconfident in their devices’ security, according to a recent survey by the National Cyber-Security Alliance and security firm McAfee.

About 70% of users believe their devices are safe from cybercrime. However, the behaviors they admit to suggest that the majority of them may be at risk. For example, among the smartphone users surveyed:

  1. 70% have never installed any kind of security or data protection software on their device
  2. Only 26% said they always read the developer’s policy on the use of personal information when they install an application (31% never read those policies), and
  3. Only about half have ever refused to download an app because of security or privacy concerns.
It sounds like many employees could use a reminder that their mobile devices may not be so secure, as well as some training tips on how to keep their work and personal devices safe.