Users implanted with microchip to buy potato chips and clock in

A company in Wisconsin is microchipping its employees… And a lot of them are on board with the idea.

The microchip is smaller than a quarter and is read by RFID readers so users can clock in and purchase food from the company vending machine with a wave of their hand.

Eighty employees work for Three Square Market, a Wisconsin-based technology company, and at least 50 of them have signed up for the voluntary microchipping program. Many of the company’s upper management believe that this procedure will be commonplace in companies in the next 10 years. It was a driving motivation to get ahead of the curve.

What if you’re squeamish about getting something the size of a grain of rice implanted into your body, but you’re on board with the ease-of-access readers? Simple – the company also offers a ring users can wear for the same hand-waving magic.

For conspiracy theorists who believe this move will open up the doors to monitor how long users spend in the bathroom and track where they’re going on lunch breaks, the RFID reader doesn’t transmit data. It only provides information when it’s asked to by a specific reader request, such as by the vending machine. The user’s billing information is stored on the chip and is provided when the vending machine’s scanner requests it.

This procedure has also been done by at least one Swedish-based company, Epicenter. It’s also FDA-approved and can be easily removed when the user leaves Three Square Market.