Only 23% of users know the company’s BYOD policy

It’s no secret that users like to ignore IT policies. In a lot of cases it’s because the rules get in the way of how people work most effectively. But other times, it’s because users don’t know what the rules are. 

That’s often the case with BYOD policies, according to a survey from Ipsos MORI and Huddle.

Among the 2,000 U.S. office workers surveyed, more than half (52%) said they store, view and work on work-related documents using their personal smartphones. In addition, 44% of those who have company-issued devices admit to downloading personal applications, such as DropBox, Spotify and iTunes.

Do any of those actions violate the employer’s policy on mobile devices? For some respondents, they do, while for others they don’t. But the people who gave those answers likely have no idea, because they haven’t been educated about their company’s BYOD policy.

In fact, only 23% of U.S. workers know their employer’s BYOD policy.

The bottom line: IT pros often complain that users don’t follow the rules, but sometimes — not always, but sometimes — communication will solve a lot of the problems.

After all, there’s little point in taking the time to develop a top-notch BYOD policy if the organization won’t put equal effort into telling users about it.

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