Users bring their own mobile devices no matter what IT says

Many companies have started coming up with policies regulating employees’ use of personal gadgets for work purposes. But whether there’s a policy or not, employees are using their personal devices.

In fact, a whopping 92% of companies report that some workers are using non-company-issued computing devices for work-related tasks, according to a recent report by Citrix. On average, 28% of employees are using those devices, and that number is rising.

In response, companies are scrambling to come up with an effective personal device policy — 94% of employers expect to have such a policy by 2013, but only 44% do so currently.

While policies are necessary in order to reduce the security risks and support hassles associated with employees bringing in their own devices, experts recommend companies find a way to balance the risks and the benefits.

The companies that have a policy allowing regulated use of personal devices reported several benefits, including

  1. Improved employee satisfaction
  2. Higher employee productivity
  3. Greater mobility for employees
  4. A more flexible environment for employees, and
  5. Reduced IT costs, because employees use equipment they already own.

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