Users blame workplace stress on IT

Most employees are stressed out, and many of them blame their workplace technology. And the more tech gadgets employees have, the more stressed out they are. 

The majority of employees (62%) find their jobs to be stressful, according to a recent survey commissioned by Toshiba of Canada. And 40% said technology was a top contributor to workplace stress.

The biggest complaint: that technology failures get in the way of getting work done. More than half (52%) of the 1,000 users surveyed said that dealing with malfunctioning office technology takes time away from other responsibilities. A quarter said they’ve actually missed a deadline because of a technology failure.

And increased mobility and more technology may be adding to the stress. For example, tablet users were more likely than the general population to experience stress, with a full 86% reporting workplace stress.

Tablet users were also three times as likely as other employees to yell at their colleagues when stressed at work.

One big reason for tablet users’ extra stress is probably the fact that they’re less likely than other people to leave their work behind when they go home for the night.

But IT departments can do their part to keep new mobile computing devices from stressing users out more. One key: making sure help desks have the skills they need to support those new devices, either by hiring new staff or training existing employees.

It can also help to prepare support documents to help users handle common problems experienced with the most popular mobile devices.

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