Universal fiber broadband: What it could mean for you

Imagine the possibilities of a city-wide fiber broadband network with mandated protections for net neutrality and consumer privacy.

If you live in San Francisco, that could be your reality. The city recently began searching for companies to build and maintain a broadband network that would provide free Wi-Fi for city parks, visitor areas and city buildings.

Plus, retail spaces would be able to lease space on the network, and privacy and net neutrality protections would be guaranteed for renters.

Many smaller towns and cities have built networks like these themselves, but San Francisco would hand the reins over to the company it taps to design the network.

Guaranteed net neutrality

When it comes to IT, the guaranteed net neutrality protections could be a major incentive for companies to switch to city-provided service, depending on future government decisions about net neutrality.

However, connection speeds would likely be slower, which could be a deterrent for many organizations.

Info: tinyurl.com/sanfran213

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