Two-thirds of users think you need to update your policies

As mobile devices, social networking sites and other new technologies become more common in the workplace, the majority of users have started to think their companies’ tech policies are behind the times.

That’s a finding of a recent survey conducted by Cisco and Insight Express.

The good news: 76% of users surveyed said they respect their companies’ IT teams. However, 64% also feel their policies on social networking and personal mobile devices need improvement. Those users feel policies should be relaxed to reflect their new work styles, which enable them to stay connected and get work done while they’re away from the office, Cisco says.

Also, 20% of users say they regularly break tech policies they disagree with.

One thing IT managers can do to increase compliance: Educate users about why those rules exist.

Of the users surveyed, 35% said their companies’ IT department doesn’t provide an explanation or rationale of why policies are in place.

That means many likely don’t understand the real-life security consequences and other problems policy violations can cause.