Top 5 things workers want from their managers

When workers are asked what’s at the top of their wish lists, there’s often a big surprise in the results — the top answers usually have nothing to do with money.

Surveys asking employees what they want from their jobs have been conducted for decades, says management expert Mark Craemer in his blog at — and the results have stayed pretty much consistent.

The top five things employees want from their bosses, according to Craemer:

  1. Appreciation for their work
  2. A feeling that they’re “a part” of things
  3. Sympathetic help with personal issues
  4. Job security, and
  5. A good salary.

In contrast, managers typically place wages at the top when they’re asked what they think employees want.

What’s it mean for IT managers? Tech employees have been among the most stressed out and dissatisfied employees during the economic downturn. And even when there’s no room for raises in the budget, the little things can add up to a lot when it comes to morale and retention.

  • I agree with you Sam. When it comes to employee motivation, which is a big part of teamwork and success, compensation would be at the bottom of the list. I’ve seen many people, particularly in my IT world, left their jobs just because either they hadn’t got enough commnunication from the managers, no personal connections whatsover, and no appreciation. A person may be motivated, but irrational motivated (negative) instead of rational motivated (positive) due to many reasons that you can only know and understand from a personal level. Thanks.