Thieves’ new target: Careless coffee shop customers

Next time you give a user a laptop, you may want to include a warning:

Keep a close eye on device when you use it in public.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, several Starbucks locations in New York have reported an increase in thefts committed against customers. Incidents usually involve someone stealing an unattended laptop, iPad, tablet or other electronic device.

Police have also noted a large number of purse thefts occurring at Starbucks locations.

Since telecommuting employees often choose to work in places such as coffee shops, it may be beneficial to warn them to be careful when they bring expensive electronics to public places.

It may also help to provide laptop locks along with company-issued laptops.

  • Bob

    If they are stupid enough to leave a laptop or other device unattended what makes anyone think a warning from the geeky IT guy is going to fix that?

    We can’t fix STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!