There’s a new way to create stronger passwords

You’ve probably seen those password meters that tell users how strong their passwords are.

The thing is, those meters aren’t as effective as they could be, say research teams from Carnegie Mellon University and Chicago University. That’s why they’ve created a password meter that offers real-time advice for how to improve a password as users come up with it.

If you’d like to give the meter a try, the demo is available online.

The meter offers advice such as adding digits into the middle of the password, making passwords a longer length, and implementing symbols in the password. Not only does it offer specific feedback for users, it provides links as to why those password rules should be followed.

Preliminary research out of both universities suggests that this method is more effective in helping users create stronger, more secure passwords. Which is invaluable, especially with last year’s most common password: qwertyuiop.

What makes the meter so effective? It’s not about just dictating what safe measures to take, but why each measure is important. Users react when they understand the risks of not following security measures. Let them know they can mitigate a lot of those risks by doing something so simple as following the advice of a password help guide.

If you’d like to examine the password meter’s code either for curiosity’s sake or for use at your business, it’s currently open-source and available on GitHub.

  • Duke Vukadinovic

    Quite interesting! I’ll give it a try immediately!