The leading cause of SaaS data loss? Accidentally deleting files

Many organizations worry about all the risks inherent to a cloud-based application. But it turns out that a very old problem – fat fingers – should also be a concern.

In comparing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) usage between the United States and the United Kingdom, Spanning researchers discovered some very interesting trends in web applications. First and foremost, the most common cause of data loss for American companies was accidental deletion (43%).

Of course this wasn’t the only issue. Other sources of data loss over the past year included:

  • migration to the SaaS provider (33%)
  • accidental overwriting of correct information with incorrect information (27%), and
  • hacking (25%).

And while many IT pros who haven’t made the SaaS move worry about security risks, those surveyed seemed fairly confident. Sixty-three percent said they were confident in the company’s ability to secure cloud data.

How they stay secure

Companies are taking multiple approaches to protecting this data, which could be why many are confident in its security.

How they’re doing it:

  • relying on cloud vendors (49%)
  • automated backup processes (47%)
  • using manual processes to back it up on their own periodically (45%), and
  • using a cloud-to-cloud system in which copies of backups are automatically transferred to a separate provider (37%).

Whichever method you choose, just be sure to not be among the 8% who didn’t back up SaaS data at all or the 2% who didn’t know how and when it was duplicated.

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