The group most likely to be hit with ransomware

Not all targets are created equal, it would seem. New research finds that when it comes to ransomware, government agencies are most at risk of serious attacks. 

A study by Sentinel IPS found that while government and education organizations represented just a third of their sample, they also accounted for 77% of “critical extrusion prevention system (EPS) check-in alerts.”

Interestingly, government agencies also appeared to be more susceptible to ransomware attacks. More than 20% of government and education organizations triggered an alert for ransomware. That makes four times more likely to encounter Cryptolocker ransomware than the general sample.

Likewise, certain botnet malware and password-stealing strains were much more prominent in government than non-government organizations.

Risks aren’t the same

As IT pros are well-aware, the risks. Each industry brings its own favorite targets for scammers and attackers.

Make sure your users are aware of all potential threats, but especially those that target their chosen field. That way, you can focus your security efforts where they’ll do the most good.

Regardless of industry, however, make sure ransomware is accounted for in your security program. Right now, it’s too big of a threat not to be.

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