The biggest cloud computing mistake companies make

Cloud computing services have a lot of benefits for companies, but organizations must avoid several key mistakes when they move data and applications to the Cloud. One of the most common pitfalls: 

Taking security for granted.

Too many companies assume the security of their data will be handled by the vendor after they start using a cloud computing service, said Mario Santana, head of security for Verizon’s cloud storage division, in a recent Business Week article.

He said he’ll often notice a problem with a client’s configuration and point it out to them, and they’re surprised that they still need to worry about security when the data is held on another company’s premises.

That failure to understand who’s responsible could leave a lot of data open to security threats. Also, companies may be surprised by the lack of liability on the part of the provider after a breach if that isn’t discussed when agreements are signed.

Companies must also investigate what steps the cloud provider takes to protect data. There are some precautions IT must also take when putting data in the Cloud. For example, it’s important to encrypt data as it’s being sent to and from the company’s network.

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