Tech hiring picks up, so does pressure on employers

Here’s more evidence you could have a harder time hanging on to your best IT employees in 2011.

More than half of hiring managers and tech recruiters anticipate adding staff in the first six months of 2011. Therefore, it’s likely that most firms will have to take a hard look at their staffing levels to see if they can remain competitive and hang onto valuable workers.

This prediction is based on a recent study by, the online technology staffing service.

Of the companies that say they’ll hire more:

  • nearly half (45%) estimate they’ll boost staffing by at least 10%,
  • another third expect staff increases of 11–20%, and
  • 15% anticipate bringing in 21–30% more technology workers.

The top hiring priority for 2011: Developers of Java, .net, software, web and mobile are in the greatest demand.

There’s also strong demand for project managers, business analysts, business intelligence and SAP expertise. Also on the top 10 list of skills in demand: security analysts.

Six months ago, companies said they weren’t hiring because of uncertainty about the economy. Now the task is taking longer because companies can’t find qualified tech professionals.

Emerging shortages will guarantee more calls to technologists from headhunters, creating more pressure for businesses to match compensation offers and hang on to valuable staff.

Also, take note that 29% of hiring managers and recruiters are paying higher salaries for new hires than they were last year.