Why hasn’t XP been killed yet?

It took a recent global attack to realize many companies are still running outdated, vulnerable software.

All the latest on the Windows 8.1 update

It’s no secret that Windows 8 has been a tough sell for users. And it looks like Microsoft’s doing what it can to try to soften the OS’s unpopular image. 

Windows 8: Half who’ve tried the OS don’t recommend it

Microsoft recently released the Consumer Preview of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system – and the reception is lukewarm so far, according to one recent survey. 

Users bailing on XP – is your next OS move planned?

Businesses and consumers are deserting Windows XP in near-record numbers as the end of support for the operating system draws near. Has your business started planning an upgrade? 

More people running Windows 7 than XP, report says

Many businesses are still clinging to their old Windows XP installations, but as the end of support for that operating system draws near, Windows 7 is taking over as the more frequently installed OS. 

Why are businesses sticking with XP?

As we’ve reported before, many businesses are clinging to their copies of Windows XP, despite the operating system’s advancing age and impending end of support. What are their reasons for keeping the old OS around?

Easing the pain of upgrading to Windows 7 from XP

Most companies skipped Windows Vista entirely, and many are considering an upgrade to Windows 7 directly from XP. The process will definitely have some roadblocks, but here’s how it can be made easier.

Windows 7 now used on 20% of computers

The newest version of Windows has hit an adoption milestone that Vista never reached.

Survey: Firms will keep XP after MS stops supporting it

Microsoft will officially stop supporting the popular Windows XP in 2014. But many IT departments aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet.

How to keep XP SP2 safe, for now

Microsoft has stopped releasing security patches for XP users running Service Pack 2. But there are some steps you can take to improve security until you’re ready to upgrade.