Have Linksys routers? Watch out for this malware

There’s a new threat to one of the most popular equipment manufacturers. Malware targeting multiple Linksys routers is turning up all over the place – and it’s not immediately apparent what this particular worm is up to. 

2 key steps to preventing a Conficker worm infection

Though it first appeared nearly four years ago, the Conficker worm is still a significant security threat, according to a recent report from Microsoft. Here’s how IT departments can protect their organizations. 

IT pros stink at setting passwords, too

IT admins often complain about users who choose weak, easy-to-hack passwords. But some new information shows the people in IT may also need a refresher on best password practices.

Last year’s big virus threat still causing problems

A year after the Conficker worm created a scare that it would bring down the Internet, a new report says many PCs are still vulnerable to the attack.