Survey: Firms will keep XP after MS stops supporting it

Microsoft will officially stop supporting the popular Windows XP in 2014. But many IT departments aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet.

Microsoft: Don’t upgrade to IE9 yet

The latest version of Internet Explorer has gotten some pretty positive reviews, but Microsoft has warned businesses to wait before they upgrade.

Microsoft releases temporary fix for Windows bug

Last week, Microsoft announced a potentially serious vulnerability in all versions of Windows. The bug hasn’t been patched, but the company has offered a temporary solution.

MS extends XP’s life: How to keep the old OS running

Despite a new version of Windows that’s actually gotten positive reviews, most companies are holding on to XP — and running it on increasingly older machines. Here’s how to keep things running smoothly until you’re ready to upgrade.

5 things Microsoft is doing right

Techies have been riding Microsoft pretty hard recently, but the majority of businesses still deploy MS technology, so it can’t all be bad, right?

77% of firms facing security ‘red alert’

Most businesses still run Windows XP SP2 on at least some of their PCs. And they’d better move quickly to update, because security patches will soon no longer be offered.

MS suggests workaround for unpatched XP vulnerability

Microsoft recently confirmed a critical bug in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The company says a patch will be released, but in the meantime, MS has suggested a workaround.

Google dumps Windows, citing security concerns

The push against Microsoft’s dominance of business machines got a big boost recently when Google announced its employees will no longer use Windows desktops.

Is IT finally getting over XP?

A new survey says IT departments are relinquishing their hold on the nine-year-old Windows XP and beginning to move to Windows’ newest offering.