IT will avoid Windows 8, despite security improvements

Windows 8 will struggle to catch on with businesses, according to recent surveys. Apparently many organizations would rather stick with the 11-year-old Windows XP than upgrade. 

Is Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet a good fit for business?

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Surface tablets appear to be selling well. But are the new devices a good fit for companies to issue or support under a BYOD program? 

Why IT might be wrong about Windows 8

Early indicators suggest Windows 8 may suffer from a lack of interest, especially in the enterprise. But there are reasons IT may want to consider moving to the new OS – and some businesses may not have much choice. 

What will the Microsoft Surface cost? $199, says one source

When Microsoft first announced its own line of Windows 8 tablets, it was expected the devices would be priced toward the higher end of the tablet spectrum. But a new rumor says the Microsoft Surface will cost  much less.

Upgrading to Windows 8? Most IT pros say no

Microsoft has finished building Windows 8 and will release it at the end of October. What do IT pros think about the upcoming operating system? 

Windows 8 will be here in October, Microsoft says

It’s what tech industry analysts have been predicting for a while, but Microsoft has officially announced that its next operating system, Windows 8, will be available this October. 

Can Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets compete with the iPad?

Microsoft has just unveiled its own line of Windows 8 tablets. Many observers say the devices could be a good option for businesses that want to support tablets for users. 

Microsoft: IT and business will love Windows 8

We recently listed some of the reasons tech experts believe Windows 8 will be a nightmare for businesses and IT departments. Not surprisingly, Microsoft has stepped up to defend its upcoming operating system. 

Why IT will hate Windows 8

Microsoft recently launched the Windows 8 Release Preview. What do early reviews say about the upcoming operating system? That depends on whether it’s installed on a tablet or a PC. 

Windows 8: Half who’ve tried the OS don’t recommend it

Microsoft recently released the Consumer Preview of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system – and the reception is lukewarm so far, according to one recent survey.