Here we go again: Microsoft sets 1 month deadline for Windows 8.1

Just when you thought the Windows XP end-of-life would be the last deadline you’d have to scramble to meet, Microsoft has added a new ultimatum – and this one’s only a month away. 

Windows 8 is picking up: But XP’s still hanging around

Everyone knows by now that Windows XP support is going away in a few short months. But that doesn’t mean everybody is doing something about it yet. 

‘Near-final’ Windows 8.1 build leaked

Most organizations still aren’t sold on Windows 8, and many are waiting for the upcoming Windows 8.1 update before they make up their minds. A recently leaked build might show IT what to expect. 

Easy tricks to solve 3 Windows 8 problems

With XP’s end of support quickly approaching, many organizations are upgrading to a new operating system. In many cases, that’s Windows 8, which means IT departments need to help their company’s users deal with some common complaints about the new OS. 

How to add the Start menu back into Windows 8

Windows 8 made some big changes to a familiar operating system. But will Microsoft backtrack and add a new Windows 8 Start menu in its next update? 

‘Windows Blue’ OS leaked: What can we expect from Microsoft’s update?

An updated version of Windows 8, originally referred to as “Windows Blue,” is due for release this summer. Will the update convince more businesses to switch to Microsoft’s latest OS? 

Businesses sticking with XP because of legacy apps, survey says

Support for Windows XP will end in just over a year, but many businesses are still clinging to the old OS. Why are IT departments so reluctant to upgrade? 

Windows 8 price to rise 500% next week

For those considering a move to Windows 8: If you don’t do it soon, the upgrade could get a lot more expensive. 

Windows 8 downgrade rights: 3 things IT needs to know

We wrote recently about how downgrading to Windows 7 may be the best option for businesses that find themselves with new PCs running Windows. But before making those plans, it’s important to properly understand Windows 8 downgrade rights. 

Why a Windows 8 downgrade could be best for businesses

Two months after its release, Windows 8 adoption has been slow to catch on – especially among businesses.