Top 10 most dangerous artists to search for online

Users searching for their favorite artists at work are putting the company’s data at risk.

7 most dangerous websites users love to visit

A company’s own employees are a much bigger threat to IT security than hackers, a new survey shows. Here are top ways users threaten security – and why IT departments fail to stop them. 

How secure is HTTPS today – and how can HTTPS security be improved?

While moves towards increased use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) as an Internet security measure are admirable, it begs the question of how much trust should be placed in HTTPS security? To what extent can web users rely on an HTTPS encrypted connection to secure their flow of data – and how open are […]

SEC invesitgates employees for obscene Web browsing

The rhetorical questions been asked countless times: What were government officials doing while the economy collapsed a couple years ago? Turns out, some of them were busy visiting inappropriate Web sites.