Emails may not be safe due to encryption flaw

Two email encryption tools may expose info to attackers. Read on for more info.

Cisco software flaw allows device takeover

Cisco networking devices running adaptive security appliance (ASA) software are vulnerable to a newly discovered flaw.

Apple’s security nightmare: What IT needs to know

One way you can tell how serious a cyberattack, data breach or other IT incident was is by looking at when it’s announced to the public. If it’s timed to avoid headlines, you know it’s pretty bad.  So when Apple announced a flaw in its products on a Friday evening, the general thinking was, “Yikes.” 

Security weakness found in common firewalls

A recent study found that some of the most commonly used firewalls could be hacked by cybercriminals.

Many users running vulnerable editions of Java

One of the best ways to protect against malware is to keep all applications up-to-date. But it looks like many computer users and IT departments aren’t doing that.

Microsoft releases temporary fix for Windows bug

Last week, Microsoft announced a potentially serious vulnerability in all versions of Windows. The bug hasn’t been patched, but the company has offered a temporary solution.

MS suggests workaround for unpatched XP vulnerability

Microsoft recently confirmed a critical bug in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The company says a patch will be released, but in the meantime, MS has suggested a workaround.