Study: Companies are years behind on security

Recent research by NTT Communications has an alarming takeaway: While companies may like to think they’re up-to-date on security, many are years behind in detecting and protecting against vulnerabilities.

Sit tight: Heartbleed isn’t going away anytime soon

Bad news for those who thought the worst of the Heartbleed bug was already behind us. Security researchers are warning this problem isn’t going away overnight. In fact, expect it to keep creeping up for several months. 

Huge SSL flaw puts millions at risk: What you need to know

The OpenSSL library, a cryptographic service for up to two-thirds of the web, has recently patched a serious and far reaching vulnerability that could allow a hacker to snoop on your files completely undetected. 

Study: Third-party apps account for 75% of vulnerabilities

Many IT pros are focused in on operating systems these days. But a report from Secunia finds the biggest risk lies outside of whichever version of Windows or OS X you might be running. 

IT’s next major headache: Securing hardware

As if IT managers didn’t have enough on their plates, it’s looking like hardware issues could be a major security vulnerability that hackers will try to exploit. 

3 places security vulnerabilities are hiding now

When it comes to plugging security vulnerabilities, IT departments have their work cut out for them. Hackers are always looking for new ways to launch attacks on companies.

Report: Lax software patch management puts most businesses at risk

IT pros know one of the key steps that can help prevent security breaches is making sure all software is up to date. However, many businesses are behind the curve when it comes to software patches, a new report says. 

The top vulnerabilities leaving websites open to hackers

For businesses, web security doesn’t just mean keeping users from accidentally installing malware. IT must also make sure the company’s own sites don’t become compromised and used in cyber attacks. 

The 5 most vulnerable types of software

There are a lot of steps IT departments must take to keep their companies’ data secure. One critical activity: making sure all software on servers and user machines is kept up to date.

Report: Most IT security software is vulnerable to attack

Any software IT installs can potentially contain vulnerabilities that give hackers a way to get on the company’s network – and that includes IT security software, one expert warns.