IT and the holidays don’t always mix

The holidays aren’t always very happy when you’re working in IT. In fact, according to a recent survey, they can be downright miserable. 

Is vacation a thing of the past? Watch for staff burnout

Two new surveys show that taking vacations to get away from it all could be a pipe dream. That’s bad news for already stressed-out IT departments. 

Most IT employees will work on vacation

Companies are now deep into the annual vacation season, when a lot of employees are out of the office. But, at least in the IT department, most of the employees that aren’t present are still doing work. 

Warning: Most IT employees are stressed out and overworked

IT workers may be satisfied with their careers, but they are also stressed. To avoid burnout, managers should take some steps to help ease the pressure. 

How many vacation days did employees lose in 2011?

If IT employees are anything like the average U.S. worker, many of them are starting 2012 with fewer vacation days in the bank – but not because they took time off. 

Latest security threat: Employees’ days off

Can users in your company securely access data from outside the office? Secure or not, they’re going to try.