Users blame workplace stress on IT

Most employees are stressed out, and many of them blame their workplace technology. And the more tech gadgets employees have, the more stressed out they are. 

Getting users and execs on board with security: 3 pitfalls to avoid

Of all the steps IT departments must take to keep their organizations secure, the most important may be to get users and management on board. But here are three common mistakes that prevent IT from promoting a security-conscious culture. 

Stress driving 67% of IT pros to consider career change

There’s one thing most IT employees want, and offering it could help companies retain their best tech employees, even as the IT job market heats up: 

Smartphone users want mobile security, but don’t do anything about it

Employees using your company’s mobile devices may be leaving those gadgets open to security and privacy breaches – but a little training could go a long way to fixing their behavior. 

Who’s the most likely cyber-crime victim?

One of the stereotypical cybercrime scenarios is an elderly person falling victim to an obvious email scam. But that’s not who most criminals target.

5 key steps for supporting remote users

Work is no longer done primarily in the office – employees must be productive on the go, at home, or while they travel. But they need IT’s help to stay connected.

What younger users hate about IT – and what to do about it

One side effect of a more tech-savvy generation entering the workforce: Younger employees are more likely to fix their own technology instead of calling IT.

7 user mistakes that waste IT’s time

Today’s IT departments are overworked as it is, so there’s often nothing worse than dealing with preventable support problems.

Users are breaking IT’s mobile device policies

Some companies let employees use their own personal tech gadgets for work, while others have policies against it. But a recent survey shows employees are doing it no matter what.

5 tips to speed up users’ systems

Nothing frustrates users more than a sluggish system. To get things moving along, first check the obvious stuff, like what’s running at start-up.