3 lies users love to tell the help desk

Work in IT long enough and you’re bound to hear every excuse, complaint and problem in the book. That’s just part of the job. What you might not be ready for, however, is how often users will look a tech in the face and tell an outright lie. 

The 3 biggest problems with password policies

Companies’ employees do a lot that puts sensitive information at risk. One of the biggest problems: They choose weak passwords that offer little protection. And despite IT’s best efforts, organizations’ password policies haven’t done much to solve the problem. 

Users’ security mistakes are IT’s fault

Many data security breaches are blamed on user mistakes. But IT’s security strategy is often to blame for those errors. 

Top 10 ways employees put your company’s data at risk

Businesses face a lot of IT security threats, but a large percentage could be avoided with a change in users’ behavior. Here are 10 of the most common ways employees put their companies at risk: 

3 pitfalls that derail cloud computing projects

Many companies have begun cloud computing projects recently – some with more success than others. What sets successful cloud deployments apart? 

Strategies for launching a solution and building company consensus

Any successful IT implementation requires support from the people who will actually be working with the tools that IT provides. However, in some cases, getting that user support can be difficult. 

A new trick to improve security awareness training

Increasing users’ security awareness can be one of IT’s most difficult jobs. But here’s one technique that might help, even with stubborn users. 

What is cloud computing? Average person has no idea

Execs, managers and users in your company may need some education about cloud computing from IT if the organization is going to use the Cloud properly. 

Don’t waste time training users, says security CEO

A significant part of a company’s security strategy is often conducting IT security training for users. But those attempts to raise awareness rarely help organizations avoid attacks, according to one security expert. 

Where to focus your IT security training

Not all users are created equally when it comes to their knowledge and attitudes regarding IT security.