5 ways to give a laptop a new lease on life

Most companies don’t have huge budgets for replacing users’ PCs and laptops. In this guest post, Jeff Davis offers some tips for squeezing more time out of old machines. 

IT will avoid Windows 8, despite security improvements

Windows 8 will struggle to catch on with businesses, according to recent surveys. Apparently many organizations would rather stick with the 11-year-old Windows XP than upgrade. 

Why IT might be wrong about Windows 8

Early indicators suggest Windows 8 may suffer from a lack of interest, especially in the enterprise. But there are reasons IT may want to consider moving to the new OS – and some businesses may not have much choice. 

Report: IT must fix aging infrastructure before new projects

Reports show that for most companies, the IT budget is growing or at least staying flat – however, many have to use that extra money to fix aging infrastructure that is in need of an upgrade. 

40% of users ignore software patch prompts

A key part of any company’s security strategy should be a thorough software patch process. And a new survey offers some advice on keeping software secure and up to date: 

Easing the pain of upgrading to Windows 7 from XP

Most companies skipped Windows Vista entirely, and many are considering an upgrade to Windows 7 directly from XP. The process will definitely have some roadblocks, but here’s how it can be made easier.

4 pitfalls in MS Office upgrades

Is your business planning for an upgrade to Office 2010 any time soon? If so, watch out for these common mistakes.