IT’s worried about cyberattacks: Execs don’t understand them

IT pros are generally a confident bunch. But a new survey shows even they have serious doubts as to whether they’re able to handle the latest breed of cyberattacks – and even worse, they’re not even sure they can show their bosses why that’s a big deal. 

3 new security threats highlighted by Symantec report

Online scammers are constantly updating the methods they use to spread malware or drive sales of bogus products — and it’s up to IT to learn those new threats and keep them from compromising their company’s network.

Top 5 items on IT’s security wishlist

High profile attacks such as the Stuxnet worm and Operation Aurora may generate a lot of headlines, but they aren’t the biggest threats most IT departments are worried about.

Companies keep IT out of the loop on security

Bad news from a recent survey: It seems the folks in charge of protecting their company’s digital data often aren’t kept informed about security breaches and challenges.