Public cloud adoption: Challenges and best practices

It was once thought the only safe cloud option for businesses was a private or hybrid cloud model. But that’s no longer the case, according to a new survey. It finds that most organizations use at least some public cloud services, but that challenges abound.

Most IT pros are now firm cloud believers

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who still thinks of the cloud as a passing trend. But there are still IT pros who have some reservations – and with good reasons, too. 

Recent data breaches highlight the dangers of working with third parties

These days, business don’t just have to worry about the security of their own networks. Data breaches occurring on third-party servers are also dangerous. 

Are third-party companies careless with your data?

Threats to your company’s data don’t just come from vulnerabilities in your own network. Any third-party company that holds your data can also create new risks.

Be careful about third-party solutions to deployment costs

In many cases, offers from third-party vendors that sound too good to be true really are.