Where can you find the cracks in your cybersecurity armor?

When hackers evaluate the protections of a system, they’re looking for any chinks in the armor.

The biggest cloud computing mistake companies make

Cloud computing services have a lot of benefits for companies, but organizations must avoid several key mistakes when they move data and applications to the Cloud. One of the most common pitfalls: 

Survey: Companies don’t vet cloud providers’ security

As cloud computing becomes more popular, more important data is being held on third-party servers — and that data may be at risk because of vendors’ lax security. 

Organizations use data recovery services that jeopardize security, study says

Data recovery services are often used in an emergency – for example, when a drive fails and the data must be recovered ASAP. However, a new study suggests the need to get recovery done quickly leads many companies to put their data in the hands of third-parties that jeopardize its security.