Top uses for tablets in business

While most organizations are still figuring out the best ways to support smartphones, many IT departments are struggling to keep up and begin supporting tablets in business. 

Android 4.3 features BYOD firms will be happy about

While it’s being called a relatively minor update to the mobile OS, the new Android 4.3 has some features that could be good news for companies with BYOD programs or those that issue smartphones to users. 

A big BYOD issue many companies forget

Most IT departments are worried about security when companies let their users bring personal devices to work. However, there is another big issue techs should take into consideration: employee privacy. 

BYOD: 7 ways companies are doing it wrong

Many companies have been thrown into BYOD and have started allowing personal devices in the workplace without really developing a strategy. 

Supporting tablets in business: 3 lessons learned

Experts predict tablets will soon outsell PCs – and that means IT must be ready to support tablets in business. 

3 steps companies aren’t taking to get ready for personal devices

Employees are bringing personal devices to work, and IT has no choice but to prepare for BYOD. However, a recent survey shows some critical steps that most organizations haven’t taken. 

Pros and cons of 3 common BYOD management strategies

As companies start allowing employees to bring in their personal mobile devices to work, IT departments need to find a way to manage those devices. Here’s a look at some of companies’ most common BYOD management strategies. 

Ubuntu Touch: The next popular mobile OS?

Right now, there’s a two-way race between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android for dominance of the mobile market. But that could change with some brand new mobile operating systems planned for the near future – including the upcoming Ubuntu Touch. 

3 keys for mobile training that cuts IT support headaches

As more mobile devices are brought to work, IT support costs are rising. Here are some keys to keep in mind for effective mobile training that helps cut down on support calls. 

Survey: Customers are worried about BYOD security

IT managers have a lot of concerns about the security of data when it’s held on users’ personal mobile devices. But there’s another group out there that might share IT’s worries about BYOD security: