Smaller, cheaper iPad reportedly on the way from Apple

Google recently announced its new Nexus tablet, a 7-inch device designed as a smaller, low-cost alternative to Apple’s iPad. But now it looks like Apple is preparing a similar device of its own. 

Google unveils $199 Nexus 7 Android tablet

We recently reported on the unveiling of Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablets, which could be a more business-friendly alternative to Apple’s iPad. Now Google has announced its own tablet, which may be worth a look, especially for groups that will trade some features for a lower price. 

Survey: Business iPad users will stick with the tablet

Apple’s iPad has dominated the consumer tablet market, and it appears to be doing so in business as well. In fact, even IT professionals are using them at work, according to a recent survey. 

Nearly half of Americans think tablets will replace laptops

Is your IT department currently supporting the iPad or other tablets? If not, it may only be a matter of time, if the average American’s opinion on the future of mobile technology is to be believed. 

IT to spend $10 billion on iPads in 2012, Forrester says

More IT departments will be required to support the consumer-friendly iPad tablet in 2012. One of the reasons: