Were malicious insiders to blame for Sony hack?

Warning: The following article (unlike many talking heads) doesn’t purport to know who or what was behind the attack on Sony Pictures. But some are starting to wonder whether the hack was actually state-sponsored or just the handiwork of disgruntled former employees. 

Sony’s reminder to users: Email never dies

Every once in a while a story comes along that gets different reactions from different groups. For IT, the reaction to Sony’s leaked emails was, “Well, yeah, of course that shouldn’t have been put in writing.” For users, it was, “Wait … you mean those weren’t completely private?” 

New data breach laws would put bigger burden on IT

Heads up: Lawmakers are again pushing national data breach laws to put a bigger burden on companies to act after customer data is compromised. Here’s what’s in store this time around.

The IT mistake that could cost Sony $1.5 billion

It’s never good press for a company when customer records are stolen. And it’s even worse when it turns out the breach could have been prevented by avoiding a basic IT mistake.

Floppy disks finally headed for the grave

The 3.5-inch floppy is already just a memory for most computer users, but the storage medium appears officially headed for the end of its life.