IT pros duped by Facebook femme fatale

As Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become commonplace in personal and professional lives, the dangers of social networking for businesses have also grown. And even IT professionals who should know better may be putting their organizations at risk. 

Facebook privacy threats lurking in new Graph Search: What to do about it

Protecting Facebook privacy is getting tougher as new features and policies make it easier to find information on all users of the social networking site. Here are some tips you can pass along to employees to help keep them safe. 

4 keys to protecting against foreign hackers

Small businesses face the threat of security attacks from all over the world. In this guest post, Myrtle Gray lists some of the basic steps all businesses should be taking to protect themselves. 

Secure your Facebook page against theft

As social media becomes more important for businesses, social networking security is becoming critical as well. In this guest post, Henry Enebeli offers some tips IT pros and marketers can use to secure their organization’s Facebook pages.

When can companies legally spy on employees?

IT has access to a lot of information about the company and its employees. That means IT can be a valuable asset when a manager wants to investigate a member of his or her staff. But too much snooping can lead to a violation of employees’ privacy. 

Is your organization ready for social media?

Social media has been a hot topic for several years, but as Praveen K.R. writes in this guest post, many organizations still aren’t prepared to take advantage of it. 

Want a new IT job? Clean up your online presence

A lot of new IT job opportunities are opening for skilled tech pros, but there’s one thing job seekers can do to limit the odds they’ll be hired: making mistakes on social media sites. 

Top 3 places malware is hiding now

Cyber criminals always seem to stay one step ahead of IT – as protections improve in some areas, the hackers shift their focus to others. 

BYOD policy keys to avoid legal trouble

As more employees use their personal computing devices at work, companies have to ask some questions about their rights to manage a gadget that someone else owns. 

The 7 worst Twitter hacks of all time

As more businesses turn to social media for marketing, customer service and other purposes, hackers are also increasingly targeting social networks to launch attacks against companies.