New Android malware could damage phones

A new malware strain could cause some headaches for Android users.

‘Zombie phones’ cost US companies $5.4 million per year

We’ve written before about the money companies are wasting because they still pay for mobile devices that are no longer in use or are being used by people no longer with the company. Now a new report shows the number of those “zombie” devices is growing in businesses. 

Court: Company can’t read personal email on employee’s smartphone

As more employees use mobile devices for work, IT departments are trying to develop policies to protect sensitive company information from new mobile security threats. But rules might also be needed to protect employee privacy as well. 

Android 4.3 features BYOD firms will be happy about

While it’s being called a relatively minor update to the mobile OS, the new Android 4.3 has some features that could be good news for companies with BYOD programs or those that issue smartphones to users. 

Companies still paying ex-employees’ phone bills

Thanks in part to the new levels of complexity created by BYOD, many companies are paying too much for mobile devices due to mistakes that slip through the cracks. 

Users don’t trust IT to protect BYOD data

IT often thinks users aren’t doing enough to keep data secure. But a recent BYOD survey says many users think the same about IT. 

Survey: 37% of users don’t password-protect their smartphones

Even as more employees start bringing personal smartphones and tablets to work, most small businesses aren’t taking steps to ensure BYOD security. 

A big BYOD issue many companies forget

Most IT departments are worried about security when companies let their users bring personal devices to work. However, there is another big issue techs should take into consideration: employee privacy. 

BYOD: 7 ways companies are doing it wrong

Many companies have been thrown into BYOD and have started allowing personal devices in the workplace without really developing a strategy. 

3 steps companies aren’t taking to get ready for personal devices

Employees are bringing personal devices to work, and IT has no choice but to prepare for BYOD. However, a recent survey shows some critical steps that most organizations haven’t taken.