11 security questions every IT pro needs to know the answer to

Many small businesses believe they fly under hackers’ radar and aren’t worth attacking like the larger targets. As it turns out, it’s the exact opposite.

How to sell your small business to potential IT employees

Competition for IT employees is high right now, and many small companies may find they’re having trouble attracting top talent. But there are some ways smaller organizations can use their size to their advantage. 

Survey: Small businesses confused about cloud computing and its benefits

Cloud computing services can have many benefits for companies, especially small businesses that don’t have much room in the budget for purchasing and managing internal IT infrastructure. But recent research says many smaller firms still don’t have a basic understanding of cloud computing and think the Cloud is meant for larger organizations. 

Symantec: Attacks against small businesses doubled since last year

While larger organizations are still cybercriminals” favorite target, IT security attacks against small businesses are becoming more common as hackers realize SMBs are often easier to breach.

Feds offer small businesses help with data security

As part of an initiative to reduce the threat of cybercrime, the FCC has launched a new website aimed to help small businesses improve their IT security. 

What firms are the most likely targets of cybercrime?

Cybercriminals are spending less time targeting big companies’ databases and focusing more on attacking smaller firms.