3 skills IT managers will need in 2025

No one knows what the future will look like, but we can look around us and predict where developing trends may lead.

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Often, IT managers are good with technology, but could use help managing employees. One critical area to improve: communication skills.

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Opportunities are increasing for workers in many IT jobs, but one group of IT professionals is in especially high demand right now: 

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Faced with skills shortages and little room in the budget to hire new employees, many IT managers are turning to a different strategy to fill those gaps: increasing the skills of the IT employees they already have. 

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Compared to other areas, the IT job market is expected to be relatively strong in 2012. But IT professionals with skills and experience in some areas are likely to benefit more than others. So which IT pros are in line for the biggest raises next year?

7 hard-to-find IT skills companies want now

IT hiring is slowly but steadily picking up. That’s good news, but it also means some businesses may have a hard time finding people with the skills they need.

5 IT skills companies want now

Folks with certain IT skills and experience are in high demand. While some types of IT employees will always be sought after, there are some new skill sets companies are looking for now.

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New technologies have brought new challenges for IT staff and new threats to corporate security. A recent survey shows IT departments could use a skills update.

Demand soars for certain IT skills

There’s some good news if you’re an IT pro with experience in these areas – but bad if you’re in charge of hiring and retaining those people.