6 strategies to talk security so users will actually listen

Getting users to follow good security practices is a real challenge. But if you understand why the message may not be getting across, you can change your approach and get real results, according to one expert. 

Everything you need to talk to the board about security: Experts weigh in

Nothing substantial gets done at companies without buy-in from the very top. But knowing how to get support from the decision-makers isn’t easy, and speaking their language can be even tougher. Fortunately, there’s help.

Believe it or not, the MySpace hack could be bad for business

It’s probably been several years since you’ve thought about MySpace, if you ever really have. But now the almost-defunct social network is back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

2 cases perfectly illustrate the problems with ransomware

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How IRS is trying to stop cyber thieves from stealing tax returns

Imagine you go to file your tax return only to learn someone else has already done so – and claimed your refund.  

Study: Plenty of IT pros are secret hackers

It’s not quite as serious as most insider threats, but a recent survey finds that many IT pros never lost a penchant for hacking. 

60% of companies aren’t confident in their security systems … here’s why

There’s a new study that has an alarming finding for IT pros: 60% of those surveyed said their company’s security could be breached today. But the good news? It seems that many more executives are finally getting the message that security matters. 

2016’s biggest security threats: What’s on the horizon?

Many companies that experienced a major security incident in 2015 will say good riddance to last year. But what does everyone have their eyes on going forward? 

How one stolen laptop can cost a company $850K

Never doubt the importance of securing devices both physically and with encryption. 

Somehow, BYOD is still stumping IT pros

Recent findings from Dell and Dimensional Research show that while IT has made serious headway with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plans, some basic functionality and security issues are keeping it from becoming a resource users are comfortable with.