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The cost of cyberattacks just keeps climbing

Cyberattacks are going to cost companies some serious cash. The only really question is how much it will be and what steps you need to take to prepare for these devastating incidents. 

Security’s on leadership’s radar, but IT can’t get a seat at the table

It wasn’t so long ago that IT pros struggled to get the top brass to care about and invest in security. That might be changing, but organizations seem slow to bring IT in at the highest level. Here’s why it matters.

Getting more bang for your security buck: 3 keys

Security budgets are tricky to manage: Chances are you’re spending more than you’d like, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting all you need from it. 

3 ways to make sure the cybersecurity message gets through

IT is in a precarious position: It has the knowledge to warn executives and users on the dangers of cyberattacks. But for whatever reason, these groups seem unable – or worse, unwilling – to get the message.

CISOs still have a long way to go in gaining respect

Only the most stuck-in-their-ways companies don’t view cybersecurity as a real and alarming threat to their organizations. But a new survey shows the people in charge of that security are often not thought of as worthy of a leadership role. 

Secret Service issues security warning for mobile users

The U.S. Secret Service has sent out a security notice for public computer terminals – and sharing that information with road warriors could help you keep them and your company’s info safe. 

5 things you must know to survive a security audit

Change is the one constant in IT. But all these changes tend to add up, making security audits more difficult. Here are some steps IT can take to remain safe and compliant, courtesy of Michael Fimin, CEO of Netwrix. 

Study: IT’s throwing money at security, not sure what it’s getting in return

Nearly a fifth of corporate IT budgets is going to security. And many IT decision-makers are expecting to spend even more in coming years. But according to a recent survey, they still don’t feel that’s enough to protect them from attacks.

Stolen data could cost organizations trillions

A lot goes into calculating the fallout from cyberattacks. For companies, it includes damages to their brand, alerting customers, handling legal fees – all that aside from the cost of stolen data or money. A recent study goes a step further, though, and calculates the total cost to the world economy.  

For some, the future of security is low-tech

A lot of IT pros got a good chuckle when they recently found out that at least one government department is still using 3.5″ floppy disks delivered by couriers for security’s sake.