IT departments set to grow 9% in the beginning of 2013

Competition for IT talent has been on the rise in recent months, but things are set to really pick up after the new year. 

IT pay on the rise: Who’ll get the biggest raise in 2012?

Compared to other areas, the IT job market is expected to be relatively strong in 2012. But IT professionals with skills and experience in some areas are likely to benefit more than others. So which IT pros are in line for the biggest raises next year?

Will IT be asked to block holiday shopping?

Squeezed by the economic downturn, tight budgets and lean staffs, more companies are cracking down on a common user habit: 

CFOs list top 3 concerns: What it means for IT

In most businesses, IT must get projects approved by the CFO. The best way to make that process a little less painful: Understand what really matters to your company’s top finance exec.

Get ready for new competition for IT talent

The number of available IT jobs is poised to increase, even as it’s fallen in many other areas. And some factors, such as Obama’s new jobs plan, could give IT hiring another boost.

What keeps you up at night?

As companies continue to deal with budget issues and other problems, what are IT managers most concerned about?

More IT departments to start hiring in the coming months

Looks like the tech sector is beginning to show signs of economic recovery.