Study: IT salaries pushing skyward

These days, to bring top talent on board, IT managers must come to the table with a triple whammy of an offer: an attractive salary, eye-popping perks and plenty of opportunities for professional development. Well, the pressure IT managers feel to sweeten one part of the deal in particular is about to get even more […]

IT managers optimistic about 2011 budgets

Finally, some good news: It appears most IT departments will soon get the funding they need for long-awaited upgrades and new projects.

Which IT pros are hardest to find?

Slowly but surely, IT departments are starting to hire again. What skills are CIOs looking for?

Which IT employees will be hardest to hire and keep in 2010?

Recent polls show IT departments are gearing up to start hiring again. That’s great news for folks looking for new jobs — but it could mean trouble for managers trying to hang on to their best workers.