Don’t get ghosted! Tactics to retain employees & hire new ones

You may have heard about the recent dating phenomenon of “ghosting,” but it turns out ghosting can affect more than just your personal life. More organizations are getting ghosted by job applicants and new hires. 

IT hiring picks up: How to add (or retain) staff

When IT hiring accelerates, it can be good or bad news. On the one hand, companies are expanding their departments. On the other, you risk losing your best people to the competition.

IT salary survey: How do you stack up?

It may be impolite to talk about how much money someone makes. But it’s valuable information to have at your fingertips. 

How close is your staff to burning out?

While users will soon be returning to the office refreshed after a long break, there’s no rest for the weary IT pro. 

Most execs fear the IT talent shortage

Many companies are hiring IT pros now– but they’re having trouble finding people with the skills they need. 

IT leadership training: Mentoring works, classes don’t

There are many ways to offer training to IT staff members. Different skill sets often require different methods to get the full impact. 

Warning: Most IT employees are stressed out and overworked

IT workers may be satisfied with their careers, but they are also stressed. To avoid burnout, managers should take some steps to help ease the pressure. 

Survey: Half of your IT employees want to quit

Despite a lack of confidence in the market, many IT pros plan to search for a new job in the second half of this year. What can companies do to help keep them on board? 

What do IT employees want the most from their employers?

As more companies start hiring for tech-related positions, a lot of IT managers face the challenge of hanging on to their top workers even when competitors offer more. But a recent survey has some good news for those managers: 

5 keys for successful IT training programs

IT training is a valuable tool businesses can use both to improve operations and provide an additional benefit to IT staff. How can IT managers make sure training is effective in meeting both of those goals?